Social Media/Training Manager Work Study Scholarship

Amala offers one Social Media/Training Manager Work-Study position for a Yoga Six Teacher per year.  Review the duties below and if you are interested in applying for this position fill out the form below. 

Please Note: The 2018 position has been filled. 
If you are still hoping to attend and have financial limitations please payment plan.


Work Study Requirements

1. Tracking attendance (making note of missed sessions) and homework in spreadsheet in a Google Doc created and shared by Amala in a folder titled Amala 2017 Homework & Requirements.

  • Tracking homework assignments;

    • Make a folder for each full training participant (titled by name) in the Google Doc folder and copy each person’s homework into their respective folders.

    • Mark in the spreadsheet document when homework has been received with a "x" in the category cell.

    • If anything stands out that should be addressed notify Cassie and Lela.

  • Tracking missed session:

    • Indicate if any sessions were missed by a trainee from the respective module.  AM or PM and specify lectures or lessons missed

2. Send email reminders to full program registrants about homework assignments;

  • One email 2 weeks before start of the each course reminding trainees of homework, due date and procedures.  

    • Course 1 can remind trainees of reading requirements and introduce yourself as the training assistant offering your help with questions about the program details.

  • One email right after each module reminding trainees of the homework, due date and procedures.

  • Emails should reflect that all homework is to be emailed to you directly.

  • Email templates will be provided from Cassie to be forwarded.

3. Administrative and technical support;

  • Setting up and putting away lead trainers props and materials.

  • Printing or copying any materials needed from lead trainers (costs assumed by Amala).

  • Assistance with greeting guest presenters.

  • Arranging for other materials needed.  We will notify you in advance of any specific needs.

  • Assistance with photographing, audio recording or taking notes on specified lectures/classes.

  • Assistance with scheduling and managing the community classes teaching schedule.

4. Marketing and Social Media support;

  • Social media weekly, biweekly or monthly posting on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter following the social media workstudy timeline document (provided by Amala) for one year.

  • "Sharing" posts generated with any Amala tags, and all posts from Amala School.

5. Yoga Six teacher who is fully invested and interested in doing this training.

  • Will attend all contact hours.

  • Act as a liaison between Yoga Six and Amala and be required to:

    • Open and close the studio at off times for the Yoga Six schedule.  This person would have a key and a code for our alarm system and be the conduit for information with the Studio Manager.

    • Help pick up and clean the space upon closing every night of the training.

    • Help Amala with any studio needs, towels, props, etc

    • Jenny & Jenna (studio manager) will be direct Yoga Six contacts and will fully update this person on their responsibility.

Work Study Application Form

Please complete as much of this form as possible.  We will be in touch shortly about the availability of this position.  Thank you for your interest in our program.

Name *
If you are not comfortable answering these questions you are not obligated to but know that we are trying to base the position on the highest financial need and qualifications.
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