Lela Beem, E-RYT 500, RPYT and Cassie Rodgers, E-RYT 200, RPYT are available to mentor new yoga teachers, teachers looking to specialize in prenatal or postnatal yoga and women's health professionals interested in bringing basic yoga and mindfulness tools to their students.  Our apprenticeship programs are ideal for aspiring RPYT students who are seeking continuing education and support for teaching prenatal yoga.

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Video Review Package
Our video review option is a great way to receive feedback based on the Amala Teaching Principles.  Open to anyone, this opportunity to be reviewed by an experienced prenatal teacher can be invaluable to your skill development.  After recording yourself teaching a class and submitting it, we will review within 4 weeks.  During our phone meeting with you, we will offer insights and feedback that will allow you to reach your highest potential as teacher.  This package can be applied towards Amala's 85 hour teacher training "elective credit" requirements as 2 hours.


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Amala Prenatal Yoga Apprenticeship Plan

Intention: To provide a supportive, educational and honest relationship from which the mentee will gain the necessary skills and confidence to teach prenatal yoga.

Structure: The apprenticeship is a three month plan and includes the following requirements

  1. A statement of intent describing the apprentice’s goals, perceived strengths and anticipated challenges.
  2. An initial one-on-one meeting lasting 30 minutes to discuss the statement of intent, initial questions and to facilitate an appropriate home practice that models after some of the themes and postures found in prenatal yoga.
  3. Attendance of a minimum of 8 prenatal yoga classes taught by one mentor (either Lela Beem or Cassie Rodgers).
  4. Six written sequences with physical and metaphysical themes, to be reviewed and given feedback in a second one-on-one coaching session.
  5. In the second one-on-one session, mentor and the apprentice will review what stood out over the first month and a half in terms of sequencing, language, marketing, personal challenges, personal practice. The apprentice will begin to prepare to teach a free prenatal yoga class.  Mentor will review the sequence for this class.
  6. Apprentice will lead a 60 minute free prenatal yoga class (marketing will be done by mentor and the apprentice). Mentor will observe class and take notes.
  7. Apprentice will write a written reflection about their experience leading the class, edges, questions, strengths.
  8. In the third and final one-on-one meeting, mentor will provide the apprentice with feedback around the class and some mentoring around what’s next for the apprentice’s career.
  9. Mentor will available by email and phone to the apprentice during this three-month period.

Time commitment: 3 months
One-on-one hours: up to 2
Teaching hours: 1
Journal/reflection time: 3x week
Class observation hours: A minimum of 8
Total apprenticeship hours: 12 contact + home study and reflection

Additional coaching sessions by phone or in person will cost $50. Additional classes observed or taken as a participant with the mentor will cost the normal drop in rate of $17/class.